George Gallego, the founder of Access Initiatives, focuses on this community to guide the life challenges caused by disabilities and aging. George has been a wheelchair user since1992. Self-driven, he became a renowned para-triathlete: four-time Silver Medalist National Champion and Bronze World Medalist Champion. His mission is to provide people with disabilities and seniors Access to healthy lifestyles in their community and beyond.

Known as a community pillar with numerous acts of kindness and generosity, George pursued his education with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership with Distinction at Mercy College. He earned a Professional Certification in Nonprofit Management from Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service and Business Administration, and is also Certified as an Aging-in-Place Specialist.

Gallego founded several nonprofit organizations which have enriched the lives of people with disabilities, and he also served on numerous advisory boards. George continues his affiliations and various memberships to support the disability community. Now he has taken his experience and knowledge to another level: continuing to provide an underserved community with a chance at good health, independence, and success with a state-of-the-art approach.

Danniel Swatosh is a leader with a background in entrepreneurship, community activism, and brand development. As the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Access Initiatives, a gym focused on adaptive programming, she’s dedicated to empowering seniors and individuals with disabilities through inclusive fitness and wellness initiatives. Her innovative approach is reshaping the fitness industry, propelling it forward with groundbreaking experiences. Danniel also co-founded Breaking Bread NYC, a nonprofit organization aimed at feeding the community and driving positive change, demonstrating her commitment to underserved populations and inspiring collective social action.

Before her roles at Access Initiatives and Breaking Bread NYC, Danniel co-founded Humble Bloom, a cannabis culture agency, where she leveraged her passion for advocacy and education to foster meaningful conversations within the cannabis industry. She also co-founded Heartbeet Juicery, which had a Lower East Side storefront, online sales, and partnerships with prestigious brands and establishments. With an unwavering commitment to positive impact, Danniel’s leadership and innovative spirit are shaping the future of wellness, culture, community engagement, and brand development.

Access Initiatives is where Seniors and People with Disabilities can develop a holistic wellness journey with a comprehensive approach that stresses possibilities over society’s barriers. Whether that may be personal fitness goals, career readiness goals, or the simple desire to be surrounded by a relatable community. They provide members with a safe place to explore their plans for personal development.

Access Initiatives is a multidisciplinary center that pushes individuals far beyond perceived limitations. The skilled staff at Access Initiatives encourages members to engage in physical activities that they may have once felt were out of reach. Living with a physical disability can cause individuals to feel vulnerable to unhealthy living habits due to a lack of awareness and limited resources. The staff strives to welcome an often-disenfranchised community to a world where they become empowered to experience life to the fullest.

The team seeks to enable members to see their possibilities and inspire them to push past barriers. Whether tapping into the spiritual discipline of mind, body, and spirit through therapeutic yoga, getting a lesson in self-defense, or getting a great cardio workout from the highly enthusiastic instructors, Access Initiatives will ignite a holistic wellness journey. The limitations of a disability do not define us but illustrate that we can go further than we ever imagined!