The Need.

Individuals with physical disabilities make up the largest minority group in the United States. There is an imperative need for people with disabilities to engage in a healthy lifestyle, not only for their physical health, but their spiritual and emotional well-being. People with disabilities with proper assistance and motivation are more likely to pursue an education, strive for career and job opportunities, and importantly become active members in their community.

1 in 5

Nearly 1 in 5 people have a disability in the United States, which equates to about 60 million people.


The percentage of those WITHOUT a disability in the United States that are physically inactive during the week. 


The percentage of those WITH a disability in the United States that are physically inactive during the week. 

Access Initiatives was created to give people with disabilities the opportunity to develop a holistic wellness journey, with a comprehensive approach that stresses possibilities over the barriers that society may impinge on us. Whether that may be personal fitness goals, career readiness goals, or the simple desire to surround yourself with a relatable community, we provide individuals with disabilities a safe place to explore all of their goals for personal development.

Access Initiatives is a multidisciplinary center that pushes individuals with physical disabilities far beyond the perceived limitations of their condition. The skilled staff at Access Initiatives help encourage members to engage in physical activities that may have once felt out of reach. Living with a physical disability, can cause individuals to fall vulnerable to unhealthy living habits due to lack of awareness and various resources.

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We strive to welcome people living with disabilities to a world where we empower them to experience life to the fullest, and enable them to see not only possibility, but to inspire them to push past barriers stacked against them.

Whether it is tapping into a spiritual discipline of mind, body and spirit through therapeutic yoga, getting a lesson in self-defense, or getting a great cardio workout from the highly enthusiastic instructors, Access Initiatives will ignite a holistic wellness journey inside of you that you never knew existed! We will show that you are not defined by the limitations of your disability, but to illustrate that you can go further than you ever imagined!

The Response.